Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ellen Pompeo

A favorite prime time actress of mine is Ellen Pompeo. She is definitely a Sexy Juicy Woman Over 40.

I have enjoyed watching Ellen Pompeo's character, Meredith Grey, develop over the eight seasons Grey's Anatomy has been on the air. As part of my research into psychology and character development, I closely studied Meredith's family of origin issues. Having a mother who resented her presence because she interfered with her career, and her fathers apparent lack of backbone and manliness who left her mother when she was a small child, abandoning Meredith and starting a new family.

I could definitely understand Meredith's issues, though for several years I found her quite irritating. Her hair was always a mousy mess, and her heart was detached from some characters, while overly involved with others. She was combative with so many people, though still loved by everyone. However, I loved the rawness of her character who would hold emotions in to feign perfection, only to burst out her true feelings of simply just wanting to be seen and heard, wanted and loved - always at the most inopportune time. Because the series revolves around her, she needs to be the most complex character in the series.

Meredith has grown up quite a bit through the years, though much to my delight the old "dark and twisty" Meredith pops up from time to time. In a recent episode, she panics and disappears with her adopted daughter when the social worker starts questioning her status with her husband, only later to pretend she was getting the girl checked by a doctor the entire time. I guess the hospital drama would get quite boring if Meredith was completely healthy.

Ellen Pompeo was born nearly 42 years ago in Massachusetts. Her mother died of a painkiller overdose when she was four, and her father was a salesman who remarried soon after. She worked as a cocktail waitress and bartender before an agent recruited her to do commercials. She also had several bit parts as an actress, and he big break came when she was hired for Grey's Anatomy at the age of 35. She got married in 2007 the day before her 38th birthday and gave birth to her first daughter nearly two years later. She loves being a mom.

Ellen's contract on Grey's Anatomy expires at the end of this season. Though her producers have yet to renew her contract, Ellen wants to continue on the show as long as the stories remain "honest and truthful". She feels grateful to her long run on the show and says it beats a 9-to-5 job anyday!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More Grannies Gone Wild!

Just keep taking good care of yourself - and  you can do it too!

Not your Ordinary Grandmother

These women are all certified as 50 years or older. People say that they all have had a ton of surgery, but I can vouch that women this age can look this good without that - after all, you can't get MUSCLE TONE from surgery!
Halle Barry, age 45, born in 1966
Sexy Juicy Women Over 40 know they didn't get a ton of plastic surgery to stay young looking and sexy. But its funny when a lot of people who didn't take care of themselves think that's the only way we can look good.

What is it about healthy living, happy living, going for what you want, leaving what you don't, living life to its fullest that makes you stay young looking and feeling? Perhaps the stress of holding yourself back and not going for what you want is what is aging you?

What are you going to think about most at the end of your life? Those things you didn't do, and wish you did. Think about it - and remember, life is short. Sexy Juicy Women Over 40 know it.
Elle Macpherson, born in 1963
Sexy Juicy Women over 40 are experienced, open-minded, capable, wise, sexy & know what we're doing in the bedroom (livingroom, bathroom, car, woods, beach, basically anywhere...) We're comfortable in our skin, not afraid of our smile wrinkles or silver hair, & we have curves that men love...

We're intelligent beyond measure because we have been there, done that & have the body that looks good in the tshirt. We still make mens heads turn & have earned the respect that comes along with our age.

A Sexy Juicy Woman over 40 is confident, appreciative, self-aware, playful, have exellent humor, and loves herself. She also knows what lingerie and clothes appeal to men. She has a style all her own.

A Sexy Juicy Woman Over 40's inner beauty shines through. She knows that how she feels from within is what makes the difference.